Young Americans Overseas

Many say they help veterans, but never do much. YAO is on track to help 100 veterans by 2018 . 


Young Americans Overseas Housing Complex

Executive style gated community with all the amenities that you could want. Provided at a low-cost so that you can save money and focus on your re-launch. Student residents eligible for travel abroad scholarships.

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Honor Veterans Day in Southeast Texas


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LETTERS: Readers speak up on barges, first-responders, spelling

Organization Helps Veterans with Housing

Area Vietnam veterans honored at VeteranFest

Lamar University Band performs at VeteranFest


US Department of veteran affairs

Center for Women Veterans reports on the YAO Victory garden


Veteran Academy

College Coach Program to assist students, especially from military families, with excelling in school, getting into college, choosing the right career. And fundraising assistance to travel abroad during high-school.

Reach higher: Veteran Academy's first career day

Planning underway for back to school summer event with Sheriff's Department.

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“President Bush sends his best wishes. Keep up the good work.”

Natalie Lomont, Office of george w. bush  |  may 2017