Women and men live in separate houses. 

Women and men live in separate houses. 


Sustainability is not a measurable goal, but rather an ongoing part of our journey. Our current funding model is not a long-term sustainable system. Residents pay a modest monthly fee to cover their costs. However, for some veterans it is not easy to make this payment. In the future we hope to help subsidize their costs. To do this we need funding from outside sources. If you feel compelled to help with sustainability, consider providing support to subsidize a veteran's living costs.

What are yao's top needs?

YAO needs resources to put a fence around the parking area. Across the street from the veteran hostel we are building Texas's first Women Veteran and Women First Responder Park. In the park will come a gated parking area for the residents. 



you can make an impact

We need to ask how what we do affects the local community and beyond- now and in the future. YAO is the first veteran first housing complex in Jefferson county and we want to excel amongst our counterparts in neighboring cities. With the community's help we can make this one of the best places in Texas for Post 9/11 veterans to live. One aspect that sets YAO apart is that we provide our student residents with travel abroad scholarships to Europe. Travel abroad is a good opportunity for young people, especially Post 9/11 veterans returning home from duty who could use the break.

Private rooms in a European hostel atmosphere.

Private rooms in a European hostel atmosphere.

solidify your legacy

YAO is big on recognizing people excited to join our mission. For these reasons we created a permanent opportunity for you to solidify your legacy publicly. We have options for all budgets. For just $100 you can purchase an engraved commemorative brick, with logo add $65. YAO will make a pathway with the engraved bricks around the housing complex. YAO also has the below permanent naming opportunities. 

  • General's Cottage  - $500,000 (1 available)

  • Colonel's House - $400,000 (1 available)

  • Major's House -  $350,000 (1 available)

  • Captain's House - $275,000 (1 available)

  • Disabled Veteran Parking Space - $150,000 (2 available)

  • Cabinet Room - $100,000 (1 available)

  • Lounge - $75,000 (1 available)

  • Control Center - $50,000 (1 available)

  • Manager's Suite - $39,000 (2 available)

  • Male Veteran's Room - $25,000 (7 available) 

  • Female Veteran's Room- $25,000 (3 available) 

  • Flag Pole - $15,000 (1 available)

  • Prisoner of War Remembrance Bench - $10,000 (1 available)

  • Magazine - $8,000 (1 available)

  • General's Parking Area - $5,000 (1 available)