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Women Veteran & Women First Responder Park-coming soon!


YAO is building Texas's first Women Veteran and Women First Responder Park in Beaumont Texas. This is the only tribute 100% dedicated to women in the State of Texas. Inside of the park YAO will build a Victory Garden. Vegetables grown in the garden will be given to children.


The park will be a permanent open-air exhibt, where people can come and learn about the remarkable women veterans and first responders who are our unsung heroes. YAO wants to teach visitors, especially young girls, that a veteran or first-responder can look like their mom.


1. YAO will recognize all women veterans and women first-responders.


2. YAO will select a number of post Sept 11 women veterans and women first responders from across the nation to highlight in the tribute.


3. Each woman from Texas who has served or has worked in Texas that is nominated will get an engraved stone paved into the park's pathway.


4. YAO will select a number of high-profile women veterans and women first responders to include in the tribute. 

See below our current list:


Brenda Berkman Firefighter who worked to get the first women hired by the New York City Fire Department in 1982. She worked at Ground Zero during 9/11. First firefighter to receive White House Fellow Award.  


Senator Tammy Duckworth- Purple Heart recipient, nominated by President to be Assistant Secretary to Veteran Affairs.


Sheriff Zena Stephens-first African American female elected to sheriff in Texas.


Fire Chief Anne Huff-first female fire chief in Beaumont Texas.


Use the contact form below to submit a name to be honored. Honorees will receive an engraved stone placed in the garden.

To join the garden committee please contact us 409-291-8050

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Groundbreaking Ceramony WVWFR Park: May 1st, 2pm


Guest Speakers:

Senator John Cornyn's Regional Director Jay Guerrero

Mayor Becky Ames


Full program will be added online after the groundbreaking ceramony.