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Veteran Academy Jr.

YAO aims to make college a reality

About 40% of young people who graduate from high school in the spring never make it to college in the fall -even though they are accepted. We aim to bridge this gap by providing college coaching to students from military families.


Four Step Program


1. Veteran Academy Jr. provides educational and social  enrichment to students to make sure they get into college. YAO will provide enrichment activities that includes travel for our exceptional students.


2. YAO will help low-income students and their families navigate all of the paperwork that goes with applying for college. YAO provides advice on how to complete the college admission essay and application. Students are trained for the ACT. After acceptance to college, students are helped with financial aid forms if needed.


3. To reduce the number of college dropouts, we teach students how to survive and succeed in the college culture. Students will attend seminars on "What to expect my first year of college?" and "How to succeed in college."


4. Many colleges do not offer job placement. After college graduation YAO will assist our alumni with work readiness training and job placement.


YAO's Goals

This is a positive pipeline program.


1. YAO wants to ensure that more low-income students go to college.


2. YAO aims to increase the number of low-income children in health professions.  


3. YAO will partner with local schools and parents to ensure the best outcomes.


4. YAO wants to reduce the number of justice involved youth.


I've seen firsthand good teachers that are frustrated because they must adhere to the strict state requirements of basically teaching to the test. This leaves many of our children, especially low-income children, unprepared for when (and if) they get to college. YAO aims to partner with local schools to give low-income children an extra hand-up to make sure that they move into college successfully. YAO wants young people to know that they are more than their zip code. YAO will help young people to reach further and get a global perspective.



-Dr. Gage